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Taste our yummy Cakes

All kind of cakes and pastries ready within minutes. Try once. Call 559-246-7517 Today !

About Us

At Butternut Baking Company everything is made from scratch, by hand, in small batches. Our quality is without compromise. We use sweet cream butter, real vanilla, only the finest ingredients. We offer European and American style pastries using old-world recipes. We also offer some vegan and
paleo options.

Our Creations

  • Filo Pastries

    Celebration Cakes
    White Chocolate Fig
    Dark Chocolate Plum
    White Chocolate Apricot
    Apple (with no added sugar)
    Tart cherry
  • Bar Cookies

    Celebration Cakes
    Goldies (buttery caramel bar with walnuts)
    Rich Chocolate Brownie
    Raspberry Pecan Bars
    Oat Fudge Bars (oat crust and topping filled with creamy fudge)
  • Cookies

    Celebration Cakes
    Cowboy Cookies (soft chewy oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, raisins, & walnuts)
    Peanut Butter (made with all natural peanut butter)
    Pecan snowball cookies
    Pumpkin spice cookies
    and other assorted cookies...
  • Scones

    Celebration Cakes
    Savory and sweet assortment such as: cranberry-orange, blueberry, raspberry white chocolate, and cheddar scallion
  • Cranberry-Orange Cake

    Celebration Cakes
  • Vegan / Paleo / Flourless

    Celebration Cakes
    Fruit-Nut Bon Bons (no flour, no eggs, no sugar, no dairy, only sweetened by the fruit itself)
    FruitNut Bars (soft “energy” bar, no flour, no eggs, no sugar, no dairy)
    Jalepeño Corn Muffins (no wheat flour)
    Vegan Chocolate Muffins
    Flourless double chocolate cookie


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We sell at various farmers’ markets in the Fresno/Clovis area (please check our calendar for Farmer’s markets days and times). We can also do special orders. We offer pastry trays for events, special occasions, & business meetings. Delivery available in the Fresno area.
Gazebo Gardens Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays 5pm-9pm (check monthly schedule)
River Park Farmer’s Market (River Park Shopping Center) April-October, 5pm-9pm Tuesday
The Market on Kern (Kern Street, downtown Fresno) May-October, 8am-2pm Wednesday
Clovis Farmers’ Market Saturday Mornings 8am-11:30am year round
Old Town Clovis Farmers’ Market (4th Street, downtown Clovis) May-September 5:30pm-9pm Friday

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